Video log (VLOG) of our recent Ghost Gear Retrieval


Ghost Gear Retrieval

Ghost Gear survey & retrieval

Local divers reported a ghost net to us and we have put our team together to retrieve the net. We will be doing two dives; the first dive will be to survey the net which has been reported as not only continuing to ghost fish but also causing a hazard to boats in the area.

We will be carrying out an environmental habitat survey to make sure we do not damage or destroy any marine life that may have colonised the net, and we are always careful to return any marine life we find in the nets back to the ocean.

Depending on the results of the survey dive our Ghost Gear team will plan how to safely remove the net and after a surface interval, execute their plan. We have liaised locally with affected boat traffic and have been given clearance and the added assurance of an exclusion zone around our location. The net will be taken back to our compound for recycling.

We have a specially trained team of divers who have a wide range of skills and experience in this type of retrieval. We are always looking for volunteer divers and if you are suitably qualified then please get in touch with us or register your interest in attending an event.

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