Lansallos Beach with the National Trust


Blog by Rob Thompson

After several hours of sorting, we have the results of your hard labour. Plastic: 257 bottles, 47 buoys/floats, 21 lids, 80 cups/cutlery, 3.9kg of fishing line, 17 fishing lures, 8 food wrappers, 3 bits of plastic pipe, 99 pieces of rope, 1 pair of goggles, 59 bits of tarpaulin, 15 zip ties, 889! Fragments of plastic, 8 metal fishing hooks/lures, 5 rubber gloves, 25 bits of inner tube, 9 parts of tires, 11 rubber fragments, 1 purse, 498! Rags 23 Pieces of cloth.

I think this has been a real eye-opener for all of us and I’m looking forward to hopefully doing more Dives Against Debris with you in the future. Thank all 20 of you for making this very special event possible. Especially Tony Warren for dive marshalling, Cat Wilding for running a Seasearch dive and dive marshalling, Anita for arranging shore cover, Rach for working tirelessly cataloguing, Ben and Dan from the National Trust for organising transportation and camping, Tom Turner from Paramore Productions for recording the event, Phillip Hyden for his upcoming event blog, John Kent for being a great buddy, Alex Brinnen for the event T shirt and man BBQ skills, and Guillermo Alvarez from Rebel Brewery for his awesome beer and bonfire quality control. I’m off now to Dream Debris! Cheers, Rob

Lansallos Beach Video

Video courtesy of Tom Turner @ Paramore Productions