The Great British Spring Clean at Baby Bay – 04/03/2017 (afternoon)

Blog by Dave Perry

… so we had finished our first morning beach clean at Port Gaverne and stopped off at the pub for a drink and to warm up, dry out, from out of the wind. Sarah from the National Trust (a ranger) mentioned that Baby Bay is usually a good place as litter gets washed up a lot here. So we decided to check it out. Anita, Rob, Natalia, John, Neil, Sarah, Mat, Lindsay (their son) and myself.

We arrived and there was an enormous amount of litter that had been washed up on high tide and trapped with the seaweed. We spent a couple of hours there and filled several refuse bags but there was no way we could have cleaned it all. This would have taken all day to clean (bay a weekend) depending on volunteers.

The fun part of beach cleans is finding different pieces of litter and working out what they are. Mat managed to find a wooden fish and tried to revive it by kissing it (yuk) and his sun found a little plastic toy bear. On the downside, a sharp injection needle was also found (luckily with the cap still on). Luckily we are prepared for such dangerous items and was able to use our needle safe gloves (which needs cannot penetrate through) and safely store it in a sharps box for safe disposal afterwards.

It was getting on late in the afternoon so it was time to stop…… and then retreat to another pub again for late lunch and some warm drinks again!

We all enjoyed ourselves and many thanks to Keep Britain Tidy, The National Trust and the Marine Conservation Society for all there help on the “Extreme Beach Clean Event 2017”.

It seems Baby Bay (New Polzeath) is one we need to keep coming back to!

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