Eden Project World Pasty Competition – 04/03/2017

Blog by Emma Coombe

Zillah, Emma and Tristan spent the day at The Eden Project raising the profile of Fathoms Free.

Our day started at 8.30am when we were ushered into Orange car park. We loaded ourselves up and walked down to the main entrance with the other charities. The Eden team very kindly transported some of our items down to the ice rink where we set up ready for Eden to open at 10am.  It was very cold in the arena (the ice rink was covered with wooden flooring).

During the day we were visited by many families. Sometimes the parents educated the children and sometimes the children educated their parents. We had a few offers of donations but at this event we were unable to accept any funds.  We promoted our beach cleans and underwater cleans and most people said they picked up beach rubbish already and were very open to joining an organised beach clean, asking when and where our next events were taking place. We handed lots of leaflets out and lots of stickers left us with a promise of being advertised in cars.

The Director of The Eden Project, Gordon Seabright, paid us a visit and had a long chat with Zillah about what we do. He seemed very interested and I am hopeful we will be invited back again.

We were also approached by a respected sculpter who asked if we would like to be included in a couple of projects he is involved with in Padstow and Falmouth all related to marine rubbish.

At the end of the day the Eden staff again helped us back to our cars with our cormorant, turtle and other promotional items.

Photos courtesy of Emma and Zillah

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