Eden Project “Festival of Hope” – 27/11/2016

Blog by Dave Perry

Eden Project “Festival of Hope”

Was a cold fresh start in the morning but a gorgeous day outside. Rob, Nat, John, Anita and myself setup our new logo printed gazebo for the first time.

The logo gazebo prints, logo printed feather flags, Fathoms Free leaflets, rubber stamps for our contact cards and a few extra things to match were kindly provided by the “Cornwall Community Foundation“. Thank you so much to these guys and as you can see the gazebo and advertising looks amazing (shame we couldn’t include everything on the day but was limited with space).

There was lots of visitors throughout the day and lots of other event holders in the large acorn room we was in. The public was very interested in what everyone had to say. So we can say that it was a fabulous day and thank you to the Eden Project for inviting us and hope to be back again next year.

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