The Fathoms Free Coastal Cleanup Project 2016

with our new Fathoms Free RIB

Fathoms Free has had quite a bit of media attention in our short time since being formed back in May 2015.

We are always thinking up ways we can improve/change things and expand and help the marine community in anyway possible given the fact we are all volunteers. So one of our projects is the Fathoms Free Coastal Cleanup.

We wanted to check our coastline especially some of the hard to reach spots and acquiring a second hand RIB was the perfect solution.

This, will greatly improve the scope of our debris removal and recording by helping us access the coves and dive sites inaccessible on foot. We plan on using the gathered data to build a picture of debris hotspots around the Cornish coast, in the hope of being able to gather from this a greater knowledge as to how plastic moves around our coastline. Surprisingly, we have a lot of plastics wash up on our shores from America which has travelled with the gulf stream. Plymouth University Marine department are very keen on working with us in the data analysis element of this venture. The boat will also act a safety cover boat, for our beach/shore based activities. As a community group, we always have a focus on engaging with the public, are very open to all to become involved and have a diverse way in which people can do this. Our events are always well attended, we have new members of public join our group on a weekly basis, with an extra flurry post events. Tourism is Cornwall’s main industry, its coastline is fundamentally its best selling point. Unfortunately, there are no pristine beaches left in Cornwall, actually you’d be hard pressed to find any beaches free from plastic pollution. Luckily, our residents have a great sense of pride of place and a lot of beach clean actives happen around our coast, our unique program will help build on this and at concept stage is already being very well received.

So a huge thank you to the following that provided us with the necessary funding to make this project happen.

World Animal Protection
People’s Postcode Lottery

So now we have our RIB, we need to have a launching event!

Please see our launching event on our website here, Facebook or our Twitter page #FathomsFree.

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