Boscastle Festival Dive Against Debris & Lobster Release

03 & 04 October 2015

Blog by Dave Perry

Well what a fabulous weekend at Boscastle Festival. Saturday was calm and sunny and the vis was amazing. The divers were split into 2 groups and dived each side of the harbour going out. Paul Freeman has some fab pics and video from the right hand side and I have got some of the left hand side. Both teams released lots of baby lobsters kindly provided by the National Lobster Hatchery. and Cat Wilding for transporting these to us. Some litter was also removed, analysed and catalogued to be provided to Project Aware (thanks to Anita Chevalier and B’rice Waha for this part).

Thanks to Andy Squirrell at Bude Dive Club for giving us brilliant dive brief of the area and being a dive guide as none of us had dived the area before.

Everyone that came enjoyed themselves and most enjoyed some circus skills on the green in the afternoon sun, so thanks for everyone else who was there helping.

Thanks to Rob Thompson as ever for organising the event for us along with Lesley for organising Boscastle Festival.

I think we will be back at the next event without a doubt, hopefully with the same hot sunny weather 🙂

oh and ps…. thanks to Lizi Goldberry Miller for taking SOOOO good care of mine and Hazel’s car keys…so good she kept them with her for as long as possible lol

Total Photos

Lobster Release Batch 1

Lobster Release Batch 2

Video courtesy of the BBC
Video clip of lobster releases courtesy of Dave Perry,